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Tungsten Carbide Cold Heading Dies For Bolt And Nut

Short Description:

There are two types of heading dies according to its application environment.

If the carbide heading die use in hot environment, we call it hot forging die, or hot forming die.

If the tungsten carbide die used in normal temperature condition, we call it tungsten carbide cold heading die, or cold forming die.

The carbide grades used for cold heading dies usually in YG20, YG20C, YG25 or YG25C, which  consisting of 25% or 20% Co.

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1. Chinese factory specialized in processing and production, ISO certification.
2. Multiple sizes and types available for OEM.
3. Made of 100% original high-quality materials
4. Professional production team, fast delivery
5. Free professional after-sales service and technical support

products description

Cold forming dies (also called cold heading dies or simply header dies) are used to make steel parts at a high speed and are made of tungsten carbide. The process starts with a cold metal slug being placed into a cold forming die. The slug is then struck by a punch (kind of like a hammer) that forces the slug into the die shaping it into its desired form. The force of the rapid and powerful blow from the punch exceeds the metals yield strength causes the slug to liquefy and form into the cavity of cold forming dies creating a wide variety of parts and products. These include many fasteners such as bolts, nuts, nails and screws. This method, also called heading, can be used to quickly make a wide variety of steel parts. These parts are used in aerospace, automotive and medical to just name a few of the many industries using cold heading machinery.


Some of the wear products that we manufacture from tungsten carbide are:
1. Crusher tips and jaws
2. Conveyor scraper blade tips
3. Shot blast nozzles, lance tips, wheel blades
4. Tipped static and rotary recycling shredding blades
5. Impact and wear plates
6. Faced bar hammers

RenQiu HengRui Tungsten Carbide can make as per your request, once detailed application and drawing can be provided. High wear resistance and durable performance can be reached with sufficient communication. 

Production Process

Material Matching→Wet Ball Milling→Mixed WC and Cobalt Power→Pressing→HIP Sintering Furnaces→QC Detecting→Packing

Quality Assurance

Before mass production, we need to do a trial pressing and sintering , and we check the appearances and the size, density and hardness of samples with micrometer, Metallurgical microscope, densitometer etc. to ensure that the requirements of the drawings can be met before batch production; All the products must be inspected strictly by our QC.


1. Many carbide grades available
2. Numerous sizes available
3. Normal and abnormal shapes available
4. High performance for hot forging and cold heading
5. Maintain good shape in high bending strength
6. Can offer precision grinding service
7. Accept custom design
8. Provide professional suggestions
9. Free sample can be provided
10. Strict quality controlment and short production time

Our delivery time

We will delivery the mass produced cargo within 30days after the down payment, while, If there is soecific requests on delivery time. We can make change according to clients’ request, so a shorter delivery time is absolutely available.

Our payment term

Usually 30% T/T in advance, balance 70% T/T before delivery. Also could change according to clients’ request.
We manufacture components in different shapes and sizes to match our customers’ requirements exactly, whether they need blocks or sheets, cylinders, bearings, tips or teeth.

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