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Proprietary Technology

Quality, quantity and production promotion - unremitting pursuit


Since the establishment of Renqiu Hengrui Cemented Carbide Co., LTD., the company has been "quality first, considerate service, abide by the commitment", as the business purpose of the company, with the core values of "integrity, ingenuity, sharing, responsibility, win-win" grow together with the employees. The company adhere to the "Ming quality, dedicated service" purpose, excellence, high-quality products, high-quality service, real materials, solid forging, longer service life, rigorous product quality monitoring, advanced equipment and instruments, standardized management, to ensure quality, to ensure that the majority of customers to provide quality, intimate service. Rich successful experience has enabled us to win a high reputation in the domestic and foreign markets, international advanced service level and domestic high quality production level successfully for many domestic and foreign government agencies and large enterprises to provide mature alloy products. In good faith with the full spirit of prosperity to provide customers with satisfactory products.

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The birth of eight patents


Our company specializes in cemented carbide research, has launched eight patents. They are: a tilting mixer, a rocker drill for tungsten carbide processing, a pressing molding equipment for hard alloy, a grinding machine for cemented carbide processing, a tungsten carbide production granulation machine for easy discharge, and a milling equipment for cemented carbide processing. The tilting mixer equipment independently developed by Hengrui Company can solve the problem of dead Angle of ball grinding, reduce work intensity and improve work efficiency. To improve product quality is the original intention of our company to apply for patent and the pursuit of sustainable future development.

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Grasp the core ideas and keep up with the trend of The Times


Hengrui carbide closely follow the pace of The Times, strictly adhere to the new era of the Party's ideas, strictly according to the requirements of the implementation. For the second year of the company's "five-year plan", the goal is "four advances". It is hoped that all staff will fully implement the new development concept, insist on making progress while maintaining stability, and realize high-quality development, green development and sustainable development on the new journey. Conscientiously practice the core values of the company, and, as a team of one heart, sincere unity, improve the work style, have the courage to self-revolution, accept the supervision of employees and customers, serve the "three interests" well, live up to the "three groups"; Adhere to the dry word, hard work, down-to-earth, to embroidery kung fu to do solid work, do position, grasp solid, grasp fine, grasp the results. The "four advances" are: to promote the implementation of the new development concept and achieve high-quality and sustainable economic development of Hengrui; To promote the in-depth development of cadres, improve the overall quality; Promote the implementation of high-end product base, take the road of deep integration of industry, university and research; We will promote steady and solid cultural development and enhance brand effect.

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Bring in, go out, show the style of a big country


As a company specializing in the research of tungsten carbide, we adhere to the lead of innovation, accelerate the adjustment of product structure, accelerate the pace of technology upgrading, firm goals, to lead. We will actively implement the strategy of "going global" and "inviting in", actively compare ourselves with world-class innovative enterprises, comprehensively review the list of weak points in their scientific and technological innovation, and concentrate on overcoming core and key technologies to solve the "bottleneck" problem. Always take the leading industry as its own responsibility, and constantly break the shackles of ideas and mechanisms to stimulate the vitality of enterprise development. After unremitting efforts, we finally developed our own patents, and a series of independent innovation achievements have been recognized by the upstream and downstream enterprises of the industrial chain and customers. The competitiveness and brand influence of our company's products are increasingly enhanced, which has enhanced the confidence of the Chinese people, so that we can participate in international competition without falling behind and win many times.

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