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YG15 YGH30 Tungsten Carbide Ring Roller for Wire Rod Mills

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 1. High hardness: The hard alloy roll manufacturing material has high hardness, which can effectively reduce wear and damage during rolling, and improve rolling production efficiency and product quality. 2. Good wear resistance: due to the good wear resistance of cemented carbide materials, cemented carbide rolls can maintain good surface quality and precision for a long time. 3. Good tensile strength and bending strength: Tungsten carbide rolls have high strength and high hardness, and can withstand large tensile and bending loads. 4. Corrosion resistance: Carbide rolls not only have good corrosion resistance, but also surface coating and protective measures can effectively prolong the service life. 5. Lightweight: Tungsten carbide rolls are lighter than traditional cast iron rolls, which can reduce energy consumption and heat loss during rolling. 6. Good thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity: The material of the cemented carbide roll has good thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity, which can effectively transfer heat and electric energy to the rolling material.


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Tungsten carbide roll is a high-strength, high-hardness roll, which is widely used in the rolling production of steel, non-ferrous metals and other industries. Specific applications include the following aspects: 1. Steel industry: Cemented carbide rolls are widely used in hot rolling, cold rolling, medium plate rolling and other links in steel production. By using cemented carbide rolls, the efficiency and quality of rolling production can be improved, and the number of roll replacements and production costs can be reduced. 2. Non-ferrous metal industry: Carbide rolls are also widely used in non-ferrous metal production. For example, the use of cemented carbide rolls in the rolling process of copper plates and aluminum plates can effectively reduce surface defects and improve the surface quality of plates. 3. Other industries: Carbide rolls can also be used in construction materials, packaging materials, machinery manufacturing, precision machinery and other fields, for rolling, pressing, friction, grinding and other production. In general, cemented carbide rolls have a wide range of applications and are indispensable and important parts in many production processes.

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Grade Chemical


Physical&Mechanical properties


Co Density






YGH30 85% 15% 13.8-14.2 83.5 2520
YG15 85% 15% 13.9-14.2 86.5 2220

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We will delivery the mass produced cargo within 30days after the down payment,while,If there is soecific requests on delivery time.We can make change according to clients’ request,so a shorter delivery time is absolutely available.


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A1: We are the factory, we offer our clients are all wholesale price and best quality.
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A2: Yes, we welcome all clients to get free samples for testing under the condition of freight paid by customer.
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A3: We hope you clear your quantity, if you do not have, we will indicate the MOQ for each item in the quotation sheet. We welcomethe sample and trial order. If the quantity of single item can't reach the MOQ, the price should be sample price.
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A4: It depends on the inventory availability. If items needed are in stock, the delivery time would be within 7 work days, but if not thedelivery time would be around 7-30 work days.
Q5: What kinds of production do you supply?
A5: We can produce both standard production and special production. Based on your request, drawings

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