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The Cold Heading Die also called cold forming die

Short Description:

The Cold Heading Die is widely used in the production of bolts, screws, rivets,

and other fasteners. It is suitable for use in high-volume production environments such as automotive,

construction, and electronics industries.

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Why Choose Us

1. Chinese factory specialized in processing and production, ISO certification.
2. Multiple sizes and types available for OEM.
3. Made of 100% original high-quality materials
4. Professional production team, fast delivery
5. Free professional after-sales service and technical support

products description

Cold heading dies include various types such as straight hole dies, triangular dies, extrusion dies, trimming dies, and socket dies. The method of cold pressing, shrink fitting, or taper fitting is chosen for the carbide inserts based on the specific application or customer requirements. Similarly, the carbide heading dies come in different variations such as plain hole, pointing, extrusion, trap extrusion, hexagonal, hex extrusion, flat extrusion, and trilobular to cater to the production of various types of fasteners, screws, and bolts.


Some of the wear products that we manufacture from tungsten carbide are:
1. Crusher tips and jaws
2. Conveyor scraper blade tips
3. Shot blast nozzles, lance tips, wheel blades
4. Tipped static and rotary recycling shredding blades
5. Impact and wear plates
6. Faced bar hammers

RenQiu HengRui Tungsten Carbide can make as per your request, once detailed application and drawing can be provided. High wear resistance and durable performance can be reached with sufficient communication. 

Production Process

Material Matching→Wet Ball Milling→Mixed WC and Cobalt Power→Pressing→HIP Sintering Furnaces→QC Detecting→Packing

Quality Assurance

Before mass production, we need to do a trial pressing and sintering , and we check the appearances and the size, density and hardness of samples with micrometer, Metallurgical microscope, densitometer etc. to ensure that the requirements of the drawings can be met before batch production; All the products must be inspected strictly by our QC.


1. Use 100% tungsten carbide raw material.
2. Stable chemical properties
3. Excellent performance and good wear/corrosion resistance
4. HIP sintering,good compactness
5. Blanks,high machining accuracy/precision
6. OEM customized sizes available
7. Factory’s offer
8. Strict products quality inspection

Our delivery time

We will delivery the mass produced cargo within 30days after the down payment, while, If there is soecific requests on delivery time. We can make change according to clients’ request, so a shorter delivery time is absolutely available.

Our payment term

Usually 30% T/T in advance, balance 70% T/T before delivery. Also could change according to clients’ request.
We manufacture components in different shapes and sizes to match our customers’ requirements exactly, whether they need blocks or sheets, cylinders, bearings, tips or teeth.

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