News - HengRui carbide Tungsten Carbide Pallets with clean ground surface

HengRui carbide Tungsten Carbide Pallets with clean ground surface

Tungsten Carbide pallets is an initial state of cemented carbide processing. When the cemented carbide blank is new, it generally means that the initial processing process has been completed and the conditions for further processing and forming are met.

In the process of cemented carbide processing, raw materials (such as tungsten steel, tungsten carbide dies, etc.) first need to be melted and injected into the mold to form a preliminary large tungsten carbide cold heading dies . Then, the blank is processed into the required shape, size and precision through processes such as milling, turning, and grinding. Finally, after processes such as heat treatment and surface treatment, the

zhuzhou carbide blank becomes a finished product.

When the carbide blank is new, it means that it has the potential for further processing and transformation, and can continue to the next process operation, and finally make the required cemented carbide wear parts  products, such as cutting tools, abrasives, etc.

In short, the new appearance of cemented carbide blanks means that the cemented GT55 Tungsten Carbide Pallets products have achieved initial processing completion status during the production process, which provides a basis for subsequent processing.

20% Cobalt Cemented Carbide Pellets Nibs for Cold Heading Purpose

ZHD82 means that this carbide has high hardness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and is suitable for applications under high-speed cutting and heavy-load cutting conditions.

It should be noted that different manufacturers may have different grade coding systems, so when it comes to specific applications, it is recommended to check the relevant specifications or confirm with the supplier to understand the detailed performance characteristics and applicable scope of this carbide grade.

Post time: Sep-27-2023