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Tungsten Carbide Quality first and strive for excellence

The Tungsten Carbide Cold heading Die refers to a processing method in which the volume or shape of the metal is changed by external force and the mold, so as to obtain the required parts or blanks.

Many fasteners, screws and nuts are made by cold heading die. Because cold heading die works under wear-resistant conditions under impact or strong impact, it is required that the hard alloy must have good impact toughness, fracture toughness, fatigue strength, bending strength and good wear resistance.

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1. Appearance: after quenching and tempering the alloy die due to high temperature quenching and then high temperature treatment from the original gray, gray and white into dark gray, black or color markings.

2. Performance: Reasonable quenching and tempering can improve the properties of the Carbide die, such as bending strength by 15%, impact toughness by 50%, fracture toughness by 20%, the biggest increase is the maximum fatigue strength can reach more than 10 times. So as to improve the service life of products.

Quality is responsibility, quality is the life of the enterprise, Renqiu Hengrui Cemented carbide Co.,Ltd adhere to the principle of not forgetting the original intention to create a better future with you.


You know what? Renqiu City Hengrui carbide die factory production of each piece of products have their own identity card can be queried. Why do you say that? Now let me take you to understand.

From raw material to pulverization, each batch of powder is burned to 4 test strips before pressing the product, which are then entered into our laboratory for 14 performance tests. Today I would like to introduce the first item: porosity analysis.

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First of all, the experimental strips are prepared by four steps: rough grinding, insert, fine grinding and polishing. Then, the porosity of cemented carbide can be determined by observation under the microscope of 100 times magnification.

The whole batch of powder will be stopped if the spline does not meet the standard, and the spline of the composite standard will be used after subsequent layers of detection Tungsten Carbide Nozzle.

Excessive porosity is likely to be caused by dirty powder, powder drying time is too long and other reasons.The Tungsten Carbide Wire drawing die Too large porosity will not only affect the subsequent pressing, but also cause trachoma, processing collapse, cracking and other conditions of alloy.

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