News - The Second Company Group Building Activity

The Second Company Group Building Activity

The SECOND COMPANY ACTIVITY DAY - TEAM BUILDING ACTIVITY has COME TO AN END, VERY successful, achieved the expected effect. The activities are summarized as follows:

First, clear thinking
Activities of the guiding ideology is very clear, is to deepen the company's core value system construction, and actively explore the laws of the new era of cultural construction, in order to improve the ideological and moral quality as a starting point, the staff employees with colorful culture life, meet the growing demand for cultural life employees, foster civilized new fashion, build up a healthy, civilized and harmonious cultural atmosphere. Build a platform for each department to exchange and communicate with each other, let employees experience happiness in collective activities, exercise in a relaxed and pleasant environment, cultivate sentiment, and let employees shine in activities.

Second, the purpose of the activity
Enhance the centripetal force, cohesion and combat effectiveness of staff, improve the new image of staff, show a good spirit, spirit style.

Third, the theme is distinct
The whole activity around the theme of "happy, team, team building, winning", always everywhere, dribs and drabs reflect the theme, embodies the safety.

Four, the characteristics of the activity
The wonderful moment of the activity shone brightly, and the characteristics of the activity were commendable.
(1) Active participation
All staff were actively involved except for some staff who were not involved in the activities due to urgent business.
(2) High enthusiasm
One day's activities, the team members overcame the super ultraviolet irradiation, in the festive atmosphere to feel the joy brought by the activity, cheering, Shouting, winning the title, singing one after another, laughter, echoed through the clouds, spread around......

The four teams, led by their captains, were confident and eager to win the championship from beginning to end. From the pre-race mobilization to the end of the activity, keeping in mind the original intention of the activity is the key to the success of the activity; Dare to win the thought tree fast; Be good at winning the actual action this foundation tree is steady. The Orange team led by Captain Ma Yinyan won the championship.

The players are eager to try, rubbing their hands, the joy of victory is always permeated in the face, reflected in the whole process of daring to win. One is to rack their brains between each team member of each game, preaching to each other, discussing each other, contributing the best wisdom to win; Find the best way to win; Come up with the best plan to win; Second, summarize experience and draw lessons. Each TEAM WILL MAKE CORRECTIONS FROM THE PREVIOUS TEAMS TO ACHIEVE THE BEST METHOD, THE BEST PROCEDURE, THE BEST SCHEME TO WIN, so that the plan is careful, the method is appropriate, and the effect is the best.

Unity, concerted efforts, listen to the command, the overall situation of the "chess" spirit.
(1) Following the command is the guarantee for the success of league construction activities. Four team members can follow the captain's command, in order to win.
(2) Taking the overall situation into consideration is the core of successful team building activities. Considering the overall situation is the core of the "one game" spirit. All the four teams worked together as a team, putting the overall situation first and showing the team spirit.
(3) Unity is the basis for the success of team building activities. The team members in the activities of unity, unity toward the target actor, moving forward......
(4) Concerted efforts are the key to the success of team building activities. Each member of the team in their respective teams, the heart to a place to think, to a place to make, twisted into a rope posture reflected incisively and vividly.

Not afraid of difficulties, tenacious struggle, courageously, fearless spirit.
(1) Not afraid of difficulties, tenacious struggle is the essence of winning. First, in the whole activity, especially the game project, the team members are not afraid of difficulties in order to achieve the desired result; Two is all the players struggle to fight, tenacious struggle to the end of the referee's whistle.
(2) take the lead, courage is the courage to win. First, each team member has the courage to compete first, heroic; Two is not to achieve the goal will never give up the spirit, heroic spirit; Three is to win the eyes sharp, eye covetously, four is to win the momentum, Wolf, blood distributed in the whole field; Five is the program to win the title reflected in every move, every nuance, hold the accurate, hold the position.

Gathering the strength of Hengrui
1. Unity is strength throughout the activity. The team depends on unity, unity and Taishan shift. Unity produces cohesion, unity produces appeal, unity produces combat effectiveness.
2, true service reflects the strength of Hengrui. Try every means to mobilize the enthusiasm of the team members, be willing to help others, help others, true service for the success of the activity laid a solid foundation.
(3) To embody the responsibility of Hengrui

1. Take the responsibility to reflect the beginning and end of the activity. The captains feel that they have a heavy burden on their shoulders, a great responsibility and an honorable mission.
2. Heroes, fearless. The fearless performance of all the team members makes the company satisfied and moved. Give you a thumbs up! All of you are heroes!
Six, activity prompt

(1) a person who did not follow the notice, drank alcohol or rode an electric bike;
(2) a person does not obey the referee;
(3) throwing cigarette butts and rubbish everywhere;
(4) Insufficient consideration of details. For example, the sound affects the overall effect of the program.

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September 18, 2020

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