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Independent research and development

Because of the special working environment of hot alloy die and forging workpiece, the performance of carbide is very high.

My company independent research and development of professional hot beating tungsten carbide grade HRS6 and HRS7. These two brands, containing antioxidant noble metal components, fine particle size, fine grain and submicrograin composition respectively. It has high strength and oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance at high temperature, good toughness, high specific modulus, electrical conductivity, Tungsten carbide Nozzle,and other comprehensive properties. After nearly a year of experimental verification and market verification, it can be widely used in 200-1000 degrees (red upsetting and hot upsetting) hexagonal bolts, special-shaped bolts, upsetting nut die, slip knot bolt, high strength T-bolt, high strength bucket wire, torsion shear screws, etc.

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1. The tendency of cold cracking and precipitation of mesh carbide defects in die materials is low.

2. The cutting technology of carbide die materials: refers to machinability and grinability. The requirements of machinability are large cutting amount, low tool loss, smooth and smooth processing surface. The main indexes of machinability include cutting test index, Blasting Sand Nozzle,conventional annealing hardness value, relative machinability index, etc. The requirements for grindability are that the relative loss rate of grinding wheel is small, the grinding consumption without burn limit is large, the grinding wheel quality and cooling conditions are not sensitive, Tungsten carbide Roller and it is not easy to grind and crack. Can greatly reduce surface wear, especially when used for machining can obtain very excellent surface quality. Significantly reduce the scratches and wear produced during processing. Thus, life expectancy can be increased and cost can be greatly reduced

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 Tungsten Carbide wire drawing die is a very important expendable die for various metal wire manufacturers (such as wire and cable factory, wire factory, welding wire factory, steel pipe factory, etc.).

Cemented carbide Wire drawing die has a wide range of application, mainly used for drawing bar, wire, wire, pipe and other linear hard to process objects, suitable for steel, copper, tungsten, molybdenum and other metal and alloy materials drawing processing.

Advantages: the friction coefficient is reduced, reduce the processing force, improve the appearance of hardness, greatly prolong the life of the mold, avoid hair, pull, improve product quality, save the discharge of mold, polishing in the mold Hu worry, efficiency is greatly increased.

Post time: Jan-31-2023