News - Tungsten Carbide Cold Rolls, also in name wire mesh rolls, T.C roll

Application of tungsten carbide roller in deformed steel bar

The tungsten Carbide roller are widely used in deformed steel bar ,deformed steel bar is a processed steel used for applications such as making threads and fasteners. Carbide rollers play a very important role in the

deformed steel bar processing process.

First of all, Tungsten carbide ring rollers can be used for rolling and forming of deformed steel bar. They are commonly used in cold and hot rolling processes to shape deformed steel bar  materials into the desired shape at high temperatures and pressures. Carbide materials have extremely high hardness and wear resistance, can withstand high-intensity and high-pressure working environments, and maintain their shape stability, thereby ensuring the accuracy and quality of deformed steel bar.

Secondly, carbide rollers can also be used for surface treatment and finishing of deformed steel bar. After rolling, the deformed steel bar   tungsten carbide cold rolls may have some roughness and unevenness on its surface. Through the process of rolling and repeated processing, the cemented carbide roller can make the surface of the deformed steel bar smoother and more uniform, and improve its appearance quality.

In addition, carbide rolls also have certain corrosion resistance properties and can resist corrosion and wear that may occur during deformed steel bar processing. This can extend the service life of the rolls, reduce the frequency of maintenance and replacement, improve production efficiency and reduce costs.

In short, carbide rolls play a vital role in deformed steel bar processing, tungsten carbide roller ensuring the quality and precision of deformed steel bar through processes such as rolling, forming, surface treatment and finishing, while improving production efficiency and reducing costs.

Carbide rollers have the following characteristics:

  1. High hardness: Carbide rolls are made of carbide material and have very high hardness, usually above HRA70. This allows the roll to withstand high-intensity and high-pressure working environments, maintain its shape stability, and is not prone to deformation or wear over long periods of use.
  2. Wear resistance:YG15 Tungsten Carbide ring roller materials have high wear resistance and can maintain a long service life even under high-speed friction and heavy-load working conditions. This wear resistance allows the rolls to withstand long-term use without frequent replacement and maintenance, improving production efficiency and reducing costs.
  3. Corrosion resistance: Carbide rolls have been specially surface treated to resist corrosion and oxidation. This makes the roll less susceptible to corrosion, maintaining its service life and performance.
  4. High precision: Carbide rolls are manufactured and finished with fine craftsmanship, providing highly precise processing and processing results. This high precision enables the rolls to meet the product accuracy and quality requirements of different industries.
  5. Good thermal properties: Carbide roller  can work in high temperature environments and have good thermal properties. It can wire mesh rolls withstand working pressure at high temperatures and maintain the shape stability and high hardness of the roll.

To sum up, cemented carbide rolls have the characteristics of high hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high precision and good thermal properties. These characteristics make carbide rolls widely used in various industrial fields, providing stable and efficient processing results.

Post time: Oct-28-2023